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Lace Production And Purchase


Lace first appeared in the United States. The production of lace is a very complicated process. It is knitted with silk thread or yarn according to a certain pattern, unlike some traditional lace in China, which is crochet or embroidered. When making it, it is necessary to put the silk thread on the small shuttles one by one, and each shuttle is only the size of a thumb. A less complicated pattern requires dozens or nearly a hundred of these small shuttles, and a larger pattern requires hundreds of small shuttles. When making, put the pattern on the bottom, and use different weaving, knotting, winding and other techniques to make it according to the pattern.

A less complex pattern can take a skilled female worker a month or more to complete. Because the weaving technique varies from person to person, lace works are generally completed by one person alone, so each lace is unique. Usually, lace needs to be dyed after knitting, and high-grade lace must be dyed first. These handmade laces are used in some high-end fashions or on the royal family's interior items, which are rarely seen by ordinary people. Because lace products follow the delicate route and adopt the method of global limited production, each batch of lace products must be registered, and if they are sold out, they will never be produced again, so they are favored by nobles abroad. The so-called "lace" used in clothing generally refers to all kinds of lace, most of which are produced by machines.

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