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How To Sew Beautiful Lace


Lace is an exquisite decorative material, usually used in fashion, underwear, wedding dresses, curtains, bedding and so on. Made of fiber with a silky sheen and soft texture, it is often used to add beauty and sophistication to objects. To sew a beautiful Lace fabric, you need to pay attention to the following skills:

Choose the right needle and thread: choose a fine needle and a thread that is similar in color to the lace, which can make the stitches more concealed without affecting the beauty of the lace.

Prepare the work: wash and iron the fabric and lace Stretch Lace to be sewn, which can remove static electricity and wrinkles, and make the fabric and lace more flat.

Sewing method: Put the lace on the front of the fabric and sew it with a needle and thread. It is best to use transparent sewing thread, which can make the seam more concealed. When sewing, you can gently insert the needle point into the gap of the lace to avoid damaging the lace.

Choose the appropriate sewing method: There are two ways to use hand sewing or machine sewing. The advantage of hand sewing is that it is more detailed, but it takes more time and effort. Machine sewing is fast, but you need to pay attention to the placement of lace and the speed of sewing to avoid problems such as skew or weak stitches.

Pay attention to the position and length of stitching: lace is generally used for decoration, so the position and length of stitching need to be selected according to actual needs. Lace can be sewn on the collar, cuffs, hem and other parts to increase the beauty and delicacy of the garment.

In short, sewing lace requires care and patience, and following the above tips can make the sewing effect more beautiful. At the same time, continuous practice is required to improve one's hand sewing skills. We also have Nylon lace on sale, please contact us if you are interested.


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